Located in "Wild and Wonderful" West Virginia

Photography & Design


About Sarah-Jane


Sarah-Jane is a creative professional who lives in "wild and wonderful" West Virginia with her sweet 

& oh so curious beagle, Zinga. She has more than 16 years of experience in photography, design, and marketing/advertising. 

She is down to Earth, detail-oriented, open-minded, creative, & professional. She is an avid fan of photography & enjoys

sharing her love of creativity with others. She is originally from Kansas. She has traveled

throughout & lived in various parts of the Midwest & Eastern part of The United States. After

graduating from high school in South Paris, ME in 2002, she studied at The Hallmark Institute of

Photography in Turners Falls, MA. Hallmark is where she pursued her passion as a professional photographer. She also specializes in design & advertising. She moved to Parkersburg, WV in 2010 & relocated to Petroleum, WV in

2016 where she found the perfect home for Salient-Times. 

Secret Wonderland


Over the past three years, Sarah-Jane’s own vision for Salient-Times has been focused on working to create a one of a kind photographic studio and botanical garden; a “Secret Wonderland” for her clients. Currently, "Secret Wonderland" is home to over 50 different types of flowers and various trees, shrubs, and other plant life. Coming in Spring of 2020 is the addition of a small pond and waterfall. 

Community Book Project


Sarah-Jane is also excited to announce and share that she has taken her first steps towards her lifelong dream of being a published writer by becoming a contributing author to several of  “The Community Book Projects" with lead editor Donna Kozik. These books include The Community Book Project: 20/20 Vision,  Pawsome Friends: A Community Book Project, The Community Book Project: Independence, Success is Yours, and Everyday Joy: A Community Book Project. 

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